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INVITATION FOR POETS – European Facebook Poetry Festival

Poets from all European countries are invited to participate in the fifth EUROPEAN FACEBOOK POETRY FESTIVAL which will take place on the 18th and the 19th of April 2015 in Master Hall of Novi Sad Fair, during the 21st  International Book Fair. The festival is organized by Banat's Cultural Center (BKC) and Novi Sad Fair.

EUROPEAN FACEBOOK POETRY FESTIVAL wants to prove that poetry is an universal creation of human spirit which does not recognize borders and barriers among poets, nations, countries and languages.

The aim of the festival is the gathering of the poets who cooperate on Facebook (by publishing their poems, reading and commenting on each other's poetry), and we want them  to meet, to get to know each other in person at the Festival, to hear each other reciting their verses and transform their virtual literary communication into communication in the real world. If anyone is unable to attend, they can still participate at the Festival by posting their poems on the wall of the Festival's Facebook profile: Evropski Fejsbuk pesnički festival.

How to register: Send one unpublished poem written in your native language and your personal data (name, surname, address, phone number) on the following email address: fejsbukfestival@gmail.com The deadline for submission is the 25th of March. We kindly ask the poets to state in their application whether they will be attending the festival or taking part via Facebook. The poets' participation schedule for the 18th and 19th of April  and the exact program of the Festival will be announced in due time.

Judging poems that are received at this year's competition will be conducted in two steps. The winners of the previous five festivals will select the poems that will be shortlisted (each member of the first instance jury selects 5 poems), while the second instance jury, from a short list, chooses the main winner of the festival.

Members of the first instance jury:  Branka Korać (Netherlands), Ines Peruško Rihtar (Croatia), Vesna Konc Marjanović, Jelena Ćirić (Czech Republic), Maja Korolija, Mitko Gogov (Macedonia), Bogdanka Rakić (Germany), Group Poeziranje, Elena Askarova (Russia), Mensur Ćatić (BIH).

Members of the jury of second instance: Simon Grabovac (chairman), dr Zoran Djeric, Franja Petrinović, Goran Ibrajter and Radovan Vlahović.

Poems that will be shortlisted will be printed in a special anthology. The author of the best poem will be awarded with a publication of her/his new book of poetry (not more than 48 pages). All the poems submitted for the contest will be published in the same anthology.

All the people who write poetry, regardless of their age, gender, religion, nationality or profession have the right to participate at the festival.

Approximately 400 poets  from about 20 countries applied for the fifth EUROPEAN FACEBOOK POETRY FESTIVAL  that took place at The Book Fair in NoviSad and about 150 poets made an appearance at the Festival, while others participated via Facebook.

For all information call +381 (0) 23/783 – 155, or send your questions to an email address: fejsbukfestival@gmail.com