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Illustration Contest: The 7th Book Illustration Festival "BookILL Fest"

About the Festival
Book Illustration Festival "BookILL Fest" is organized for the seventh time by the Banat Cultural Centre and Novi Sad Fair. Book Illustration Festival is going to take place at the Novi Sad Fair, during the International Book Fair, and in the Banat Cultural Centre Gallery in Novo Miloševo.
"BookILL Fest" includes internet competition for the best illustration of the book, exhibition of selected works, the announcement of winners, and exhibitions and lectures related to the book illustration.
"BookILL Fest" will be opened on the 8th of March 2018 at the Novi Sad Fair (during the Book Fair which will be held from the 7th to 12th March) when two exhibitions will also be opened: "Awards of the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava 2017" and "Awards of the Book Illustration Festival BookILL Fest  2012-2017". The announcement of winners and the award ceremony will be held in May, 2018, at Banat Cultural Center in Novo Milosevo, as well as the opening of the exhibition of selected and awarded works.

The Aim of the Festival
The book illustration is important, but also specific area in the process of graphic designing of books, which is why "BookILL Fest" seeks to draw attention to illustration and illustrators in public, but also to publishers who care about the equipment of their books.
Illustrated book is an art object that is signed by the co-authors: the writer and illustrator. Organizer affirms the principle that the text of the book and its visual component – illustration – are both equally important and valuable.
Contests for book illustrations are very rare in the world, and thus, this festival is more important.

Registration for the Contest:
The contest is open for the authors from all over the world.
Each author submits at least 4 illustrations of the book: illustration of the cover page and illustrations from the inside of the book, in digital format (JPG, TIFF format, RGB mode, 300-600 dpi, up to A4).
Send everything to the e-mail address: bookillfest@gmail.com
Deadline for submission is: the 20th of March, 2018.
Authors can send illustrations done in all artistic and graphic techniques. The photographs which illustrate books will be also accepted. Authors can send illustrations incorporated into book design with the text, or separated. Authors can send more illustrations created for different books. Authors can send cover illustrations only, if the inside of the book is not illustrated. Unpublished illustrations will be accepted as well as published. Illustrated books that are published must not be older than two years.
The authors must also send their personal data by e-mail (name, surname, address, phone number, a short professional biography) titles of the works, and the specific category for submission. They should indicate whether the book was published or in the project.
If the author wants, he/she can send his/her book and CD with drawings and data, to the following address: Banatski kulturni centar, JNA 35, 23 273, Novo Miloševo.

The categories for submission are:  
1.       Illustration of the poetry book
2.       Illustration of the fiction book
3.       Illustration of the book for children
4.       Photo-illustration of the book

Illustrations of books out of these categories may also be sent, and the jury will evaluate them separately.

Jury / Arts Council
The selection of works and awards – one for each category – is going to be done by the following members of the jury: Slobodan Ivkov, president, Sibila Petenji Arbutina and Senka Vlahovic.

*The organizer reserves the right to present works from this year's and previous competitions and exhibitions in other towns and countries. It also reserves the right to print thematic publication (catalog, monography, flyers, etc.) of the received works in propaganda or retrospective exhibition purposes, or for the affirmation of the "BookILL Fest" competition project and to have the possibility of scientific research analyzes of illustrations as artistic discipline in the light of this project.
By submitting their works, the authors accept the above mentioned items.

February 9, 2018 - Opening of the competition
March 8, 2018, International Book Fair, Novi Sad - opening of the festival (presentation "Bibiana", opening of the exhibition "Awards of the Biennial of Illustration Awards Bratislava 2017", opening of the exhibition "Awards of the Book Illustration Festival BookILL Fest  2012-2017", duration of the exhibitions: from the 7th to 12th of March, 2018)
March 20, 2018 - closing of the competition
April, 2018 - jury sessions
May, 2018, Gallery of the Banat Cultural Center, Novo Miloševo - the announcement of winners, awarding of awards and the opening of the exhibition of selected and awarded works (the exact date will be published later)
March, 2019, International Book Fair, Novi Sad - exhibition of selected and awarded works on the "Bookill Fest" 2018 competition.

Guest exhibition from Bratislava
Exhibition of illustrations "Awards of the Biennial of Illustration Awards Bratislava 2017" is a Guest exhibition of the Festival and it is organized by the Banat Cultural Centre and Novi Sad Fair, in cooperation with "Bibiana", International House of Art for Children from Bratislava (Slovakia) and Foundation "Babka" Gallery from Kovačica (Serbia). The exhibition contains illustrations from the previous biennial that received prizes that went to illustrators from the Netherlands, Japan, Slovakia, South Korea, Iran, Denmark, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine... in competition with thousands of illustrations from 50 countries around the world.

Exhibition "Awards of the Book Illustration Festival BookILL Fest 2012-2017"
The exhibition contains illustrations by all award-winning authors in the past six years of the Book Illustration Festival "BookILL Fest". On the occasion of this exhibition, which was previously exhibited within the framework of the event "Bookill Fest in Focus" in April 2016, in the Banat Cultural Center, a bilingual book entitled "Illustration speaks all languages: Awards of the Book Illustration Festival BookILL Fest 2012-2017" was edited by Senka Vlahović.

"BookILL Fest" 2017
At last year's competition over 2000 illustrations were received from 27 countries. The jury selected about 150 works by 150 authors that were exposed at the Book Fair in Novi Sad.
How last year's festival looked can be viewed here:

On-line exhibition "BookILL Fest" 2017. can be viewed here:

For additional information, comments and suggestions, contact us via email: bookillfest@gmail.com