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Guests from Spain, Russia, Slovakia and Bulgaria are attending the "BookILL fest"

Winners of the awards and special prizes at the international "BookILL fest" illustration contest: Josep Antoni Tàssies from Spain, Nina Poliak from Russia, Kapka Kaneva from Bulgaria, Jugoslav Vlahović and others awarded from Serbia, have confirmed that they will attend the festival and personally receive the awards.

Awards and special prizes for the best illustrations of books based on the contest of The 7th Book Illustration Festival "BookILL fest" will be awarded on Saturday, June 2, at 12 am at the Gallery of the Banat Cultural Center in Novo Milosevo. On this occasion, a guest exhibition of "Bibiana" from Bratislava (represented by Marian Potrok) will be opened, as well as an exhibition of selected and awarded works of "BookILL fest".

About 1500 illustrations from 26 countries of the world, including Serbia, arrived at the online illustration contest of the 7th Book Illustration Festival "BookILL Fest". The jury composed of Slobodan Ivkov (president), M.A. Sibila Petenji Arbutina and M.A. Senka Vlahović selected the illustrations by 120 authors for the exhibition and awarded authors from eight countries in the categories of poetry and prose books, books for children and books illustrated with photographs.

The jury made the following decision on the prizes:

AWARD for the best illustration of the BOOK FOR CHILDREN
Nina Poliak (Russia)
for illustrations of the book Fox Omen” (project)

AWARD for the best illustration of the POETRY BOOK
Tàssies (Spain)
for illustrations of the book „If” („An”,), author: Agathí Dimitrouka, publisher: „Kaleidoscope Publications”, Athens, Greece, 2018.

AWARD for the best illustration of the FICTION BOOK
Aleksa Gajić (Serbia)
for illustrations of the book „Kliment and Naum: through the fire to Cyrillic”, author: Slobodan Stanišić, publisher: „Pčelica”, Čačak, Serbia, 2017.

AWARD for the best foto-illustration of the BOOK
Kapka Kaneva (Bulgaria)
for illustrations of the books:
– „Walking on fingers” („Ходене на пръсти”), author: Željko Ivanković (Желко Иванкович), publisher: „Panorama Publishers” Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016, and
– „Before the devil takes me away” („Предi да ме е отнесъл дяволът”), author: Stevan Tontić (Стеван Тонтич), publisher: „Ergo”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017

Jugoslav Vlahović (Serbia)
for an illustration author's project „Flower power: drawing anti-war post-hippie utopia”, publisher: „New Moment New Ideas Company”, Belgrade, Serbia. 2018.

Miroslav Cipar (Slovakia)
for illustrations of the poetry book  „A fleck” („Škvrny”), author: Katarina Mosnakova-Bagľašova, publisher: Banat Cultural Center, Novo Miloševo, Serbia, 2018.

Kosta Milovanović (Serbia)
for illustrations of the book for children„Mrnjavčevići”, author: Pop D. Đurđev, publisher: „Pčelica”, Čačak, Serbia, 2017.

Ekatarina Šoronda (Serbia)
for tactile illustrations for the blind and visually impaired children in the book „Sea animals” (project)

Dale Blankenaar (South Africa)
for illustrations of the poetry book „Rhymes for Young and Toddler” („Rympies vir Kleintjies en Kleuters”), authors: Riana Scheepers, Suzette Kotze-Myburgh, Gertie Smit, publisher: „Tafelberg Publishers”, South Africa, 2017.

Lena Guberman (Israel)
for illustrations of the book „My Book Of Dreams”, author: Sarit Eliahu, publisher: „Am Oved Publishers”, Israel, 2016 .

Biljana Mihajlović (Serbia)
for a single illustration from the book „Cloud collector” (project)

Erika Cunja (Italy)
for illustrations of the book „The watering” („L'innaffiatoio”), publisher: „Valentina edizioni”, Italy, 2016.

In addition to the exhibition of selected illustrations, a guest exhibition "Awards of the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava 2017" will be opened, too (in cooperation with the International House of Art for Children "Bibiana" from Bratislava (Slovakia) and Foundation "Babka" Gallery from Kovačica (Serbia)). The exhibition contains illustrations of books for children from the previous biennial that received prizes in competition with thousands of illustrations from 50 countries around the world. Authors on this exhibition: Ludwig Volbeda (Netherlands), Narges Mohamadi (Iran), Maki Arai (Japan), Ji-min Kim (South Korea), Ana Desnitskaya (Russia), Daniela Olejníková (Slovakia), Hanne Bartholin (Denmark), Ofra Amit (Israel), Mirocomachiko (Japan), Israel Barrón (Mexico), Romana Romanyshin, Andryi Lesiv (Ukraine), Peter Uchnár (Slovakia), Svetozár Košický (Slovakia), Dušan Kállay (Slovakia).

Book Illustration Festival "BookILL Fest" is held for the seventh time, organized by the Banat Cultural Center and the Novi Sad Fair. The festival has been expanded this year - in addition to the festival program traditionally holding place in Novi Sad - for the first time program will take place in Novo Milosevo, too. The first part of the festival program was held in March this year at the Book Fair in Novi Sad. (More about the program held in Novi Sad you can see here) The exhibition of selected and awarded illustrations that will be opened on June 2 in Novo Milosevo will be exhibited at and at the next Book Fair in Novi Sad in March 2019.

Banat Cultural Center, June 2, 2018, 12:00

- Radovan Vlahovic, director of the Banat Cultural Center
- Senka Vlahovic, founder and director of "BookILL fest"
- Marian Potrok, BIB Secretariat, "Bibiana", Bratislava
- Sibila Petenji Arbutina, member of the jury
- Slobodan Ivkov, president of the jury
- the jury awards the prizes (the arrival was confirmed by: Josep Antoni Tàssies, Kapka Kaneva, Nina Poliak, Jugoslav Vlahović, Kosta Milovanović, Biljana Mihajlović, Vladimir Valentic on behalf of Miroslav Cipar, Ekatarina Šoronda)