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Slobodan Panić: „Life knows no consolation”

96 str, broš. povez, 20 cm, 2019. god.
ISBN 978–86–6029-405-2

Cena: 500 dinara 
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Title of the original
(Banatski kulturni centar, Novo Miloševo 2018)

Željko V. Mitić

In his writing Slobodan Panić reveals numerous misconceptions in which the modern man has become entangled by adhering to the canons and systems of sciences, religions, and ideologies. From that narrow space and sludge, the author extracts an individual and washes the mud and swill off him while bearing in mind that God sees the world through our eyes, and that we must feel Him deeply inside ourselves in order to get an opportunity to anchor in life and to live free and cautious as if every day were our first. Living means dealing with successes and enduring failures, while the wounds, as the author informs us, are best treated when the body and the soul heal them together in a natural way.

Radovan Vlahović, writer