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Radovan Vlahović „Unannounced like Death”

104 str, broš. povez, 20 cm, 2019. god.
ISBN 978-86-6029-407-6


Naziv originala / Title of the original
Radovan Vlahović
„Nenajavljeno kao smrt”
(Banatski kulturni centar, Novo Miloševo 2011)

Prevodilac / Translator
Aleksandra Kovrlija

Cena: 600 din
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In Radovan Vlahovic`s book, a selection of short notes in the form of a diary is published, and these notes have been written for a long time by this lonely and reclusive writer; they have been written every day before the electronic public eye. Therefore, this book has a charm of an unadulterated diary. This new type of ad hoc creation, to some extent similar to the Surrealist automatic writing, entails the authenticity of creative experiences or a reflection on a single subject. There is no going back to the text and belated wisdom.

Bratislav R. Milanovic

Whatever, or whosever may be the one that was unannounced as the death, it was necessary, although unexpected. Death is not the end, it is the beginning of an infinite existence, and so is with the one from the title, whether it is the first love, or a book, or anything else that is essential, it belongs to the inevitability of the renewal, no matter how much we grieve for the love that vanishes, or for sending a part of oneself into the unknown, once a book takes on a life of its own.

Dragan Pop Dragan

Ivo Munćan: „Razbaštinjeni ljudi”

56 str, broš. povez, ilustr, 14 cm, 2019. god.
ISBN 978-86-6029-411-3

Cena: 250 din
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