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The Exhibition “Contemporary Serbian Children’s Book Illustrators” in “Bibiana” Bratislava (curator: Senka Vlahović)

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The illustration exhibition “Contemporary Serbian Children’s Book Illustrators” by Senka Vlahović will be held at the International House of Art for Children "Bibiana" in Bratislava, Slovakia, from August 1 to September 15, 2019, at the "Dušan Rol" Gallery as a cooperation of this institution and Banat Cultural Center, Novo Miloševo (Serbia). 

The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Slovakia, prof. Dr. Momčilo Babić will open the exhibition on August 1, at 4 pm.

The exhibition includes the illustrations of 25 contemporary Serbian illustrators of books for children, according to the selection of M.A. Senka Vlahović, curator of the exhibition. The exhibition will include exclusively illustrations of published books for children.

Senke Vlahović is the author of several theoretical books in the field of illustration, is the ULUPUDS prize winner at the book fair in Belgrade, is the founder and director of the Book illustration festival „BookILL Fest”, and a frequent participant in several international symposiums as well as a member of several juries in Serbia and abroad.

About the exhibition

The collective creative spirit is like a mosaic made out of parts that represent each of the 25 Serbian illustrators of children’s books, which have been published in the last 10 or so years by domestic and foreign publishers and collected at the exhibition “Contemporary Serbian Children’s Book Illustrators”.

The following illustrations are present at the exhibition: from the bards of Serbian illustration, namely professors Rastko Ćirić and Dušan Petričić, to the youngest authors whose books have been well-received in the last few years – Marica Kicušić, Tanja Stevanović, Milica Radenković, Manja Ćirić, Luka Tilinger, Stefan Katanić; through the authors of the younger and middle generation, such as Aleksa Gajić, Dušan Pavlić, Tihomir Čelanović, Aleksa Jovanović, Maja Veselinović, Aleksandar Zolotić, Kosta Milovanović, Ivica Stevanović, Ana Grigorjev, Jovana Ukropina, Bojana Dimitrovski, Mladen Anđelković, who have very serious bibliographies and prizes in their professional histories, to the “stars” among illustrators, like the witty and humorous master of Serbian illustration Bob Živković. Painters, who occasionally turn to the world of illustrations, can also be found here, as is the case with Nebojša Đuranović, as can authors who are not primarily or dominantly engaged in illustration for children, but who occasionally dabble in it, like Marija Jevtić, David Vartabedijan or Boban Savić Geto with books that can be intended for all ages. Many of them parallelly deal with comics, animations, caricatures, video games, design, which is also reflected in their work.

The contemporary children’s hero, tomcat Marko Mrnjavčević*, through the very cover illustration of the picturebook, but also cover illustration of this entire exhibition, brings light to the modern alienated man, and the alienated child, and offers renewed love and affection as the brightest humanistic value, overly-needed in a cold, digital world. A good children’s book teaches “what it means to be human” and brings about a “recognition of what the truth is” (Andrew Hall).

(from the catalog)
M.A. Senka Vlahović, Exhibition Curator

* Pop D. Đurđev, Kosta Milovanović, “The Mrnjavčević Cats” [orig. Mrnjavčevići], Pčelica, Čačak, Serbia 2016.